More than 75 years of innovation


The company Dott. Bonapace & C. is the result of the Bonapace family’s century old activity in the pharmaceutical field. Since 1872 three Bonapace generations transform the pharmacy into a real pharmaceutical company.


They were satisfied with domestic market and after the end of world war II, in 1946, Dott.Bonapace & C. became one of the first italian companies that starting exporting pharmaceutical product all over the world.


Dott.Bonapace & C. is mainly focused in the manufacturing of lab scale machines for R&D, laboratories and in the sale of pharma products such as consumables and raw materials.


More than 5.000 customers all over the world, including ministries of health and state enterprises of many countries, use the products and services of Dott.Bonapace & C.


In the 60’s we started to develop our own products starting from the suppository/ovule machines. The reliability of our equipments is well known all over the world. We still supply spares for 40 yr old machines.


80’s and 90’s have been years when we designed the IN-CAP, the original italian auto capsule filling machine, but we weren’t satisfied and we also developped our tabletting units line (rotary and single punch ones). In the 2000’s we faced the containment systems getting into the HPAPI market.


Today Dott. Bonapace & C. is an International Company with innovative products for pharmaceutical Research&Development. 75 years of innovation.

Dott. Bonapace & C. part of Marchesini Group

From 2021, our company has become part of Marchesini Group, one of the top four worldwide manufacturers of automatic pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machines. Founded in 1974 in Pianoro (Bologna) from an idea of Massimo Marchesini, who built his first packaging machine in his garage, Marchesini Group has become over the years a flagship of the Packaging Valley in Emilia Romagna, thanks to mergers and acquisitions with complementary companies that enriched the know-how of the Group.

In order to better oversee international markets, the Marchesini Group avails of 35 agencies, which together with 14 foreign subsidiaries represent the Group in over 116 countries worldwide. 87% of the Group’s turnover is generated by exports, with important peaks in Europe, China, the USA and Latin America.

Even though the Marchesini Group has extended its foreign sales and after-sales networks, its true strength is that all the machines and systems are produced in Italy with 13 production plants coordinated by the Headquarters in Pianoro (Bologna).