Sealing / Banding machine – Laboratory mixer & planetary turbo emulsifier – Blistering / Deblistering machine – Bag / Sachet machine – Counting machine.

Capsule sealing / banding machine

Our automatic capsule filling machine IN-CAP equipped with liquid filling station can handle a wide range of materials such as oily-products, high viscosity paste and wax-type products which thanks to the jacketed hopper with stirrer, can handle melted products at temperature up to + 80°C which then solidify at ambient temperature. Capsules containing such products require to be sealed!
We developed capsules sealing machine BD-3000.
The machine consists of 4 sections:

  • capsule’s orientation
  • capsule’s sealing
  • capsule’s drying
  • capsule’s ejection

Laboratory powder mixer & turbo emulsifier

Laboratory powder mixer

It is suitable for pharmacies, pharmaceutical laboratories, etc. and it is multi-use, CE approved.
The unit can handle a cylindrical container in transparent polycarbonate (FDA and GMP approved) of max 10 liters or V shape container in 316L stainless steel of max 12 liters.
Other cylindrical containers of different capacity available (- 0.5 liters – 1.5 liters – 5.0 liters)

Turbo emulsifier

Heated / vacuum emulsifiers of different capacities available for pharmaceutical & cosmetic preparations (up to 900 liters).

Blistering and Deblistering machine

Blistering machine

IN-PACK is the pneumatic semi automatic blistering machine, ideal for clinical trials, stability testing, pack development and low volume production for laboratory or chemist’s shop. The machine is thermoforming, sealing, coding and cutting blisters in PVC/ALU and ALU/ALU.

Deblistering machine

The function of the new SIMPATY deblistering machine is to recover the products packed in blisters by separating them from the packs. The machine has been specially engineered for the pharmaceutical industry and it is employed to recover hard or smooth gelatine capsules, tablets, sugar coated tablets. It is supplied with the necessary equipment to handle blisters with max. 7 rows and max. 120 mm. wide.

Bag / sachet machine

The SBP-5 is an automatic machine for the packing of liquids, powders, granulates, creams and solid materials (capsules, tablets, etc.) in heat sealing single-dose bag. The machine can be used in pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics, etc. The unit is equipped with a control panel (soft touch screen) incorporating a PLC controlling the various machine’s functions including: sealing temperature, safety devices, length of bags, motor’s speed, cutting, centered printing, etc.

Counting machine


OCTACOUNT is the ideal solution for medium size batches in pharma, nutritional production and industrial applications. This universal bench top counting machine delivers an exact dosage of tablets, capsules, soft capsules or every other imaginable dosage form. The IP64 proof self-explanatory touch screen interface guarantees an easy and uncomplicated user experience.